Jan Orborg

Jan Orborg is an Avvarian warrior


Name: Jan Orborg
Background: Avvarian
Class: Warrior


Blond hair
And always off the mark
Broke Back
And the Denerim wedding plan
Oh my God, what a plan
Not as famous as Teyrn Loghain
Not a daddy’s boy like Cailan
But when evil zombies are flying
There’s just one man you can trust
When there’s Blight and all is Fade
Send in Jan Orborg!
The Thedas Nations superhero man
Mad alchemist with a broom-stick
Send in Jan the Barbarian
Oh, how I wish..
I was merciful Jan ..
Blue eyes
Firm hands
Nice curls
Hairy chest
Eating his froggy cakes
Skins tanned
And buttocks like elven cheecks
He’s a mincing machine..
when he stares into the mirror
Wondering who’s that man
And he says: “Hey, don’t stare at my…”
.. I vill chop u five”.
When there’s Blight and all is Fade
Bring in Jan of Denerim!
The unpretentious superhero man
He makes love with Namary the Mage
she’s charming like a Mabari in a cage
Oh, how I wish..
That I was Jan Orborg!
Orborg (Broke Back)
Orborg (Broke Back)
When he’s sad he goes to preventively attack
some Highway rogue bandits
Large amounts of gold in his hands
surely more than five
then he breaks down just like a dwarf
just for picking up more
But he still counts loud they’re five
we don’t need math to save the world!
When there’s Blight and all is Fade
Send in Jan Towershield!
He’s a macho musclepumping..
Crying: Charge!
If there’s one man you should trust
It is the Janny-Bann
Oh, how I wish..
That I was Jan of the Mountain!