Dragon Age Chronicles | The life of five adventurers in Thedas

From Morvan's Diary

Day 10

Another day spent walking in the snow. I am freezing and my limbs ache for the effort of walking with my legs buried in the snow up to my knees.
Cara is taking it very well, she never complained once, and she lays near me when I sleep, to keep me warm.

The oil I got from that Grey Warden in the forest truly is a blessing, as I would have never been able to start a fire most of the times without it. However, I must not relax and use it too much: it’s running low already and Denerim is still far away. I do hope that we make it on time before the city closes the doors!
I don’t think I can survive long outside of the city in this horrible weather; it’s so cold even my eyelids are frozen, and hunting is difficult and dangerous: all small animals are gone and I am more of a prey than a predator.

Anyway, something new happened today.
I was sitting by the fire of my camp when I saw four people approaching. I thought they were bandits at first, but with a good look it was easy to determine that they were just as desperate as I am, if not more.
They do look dangerous, but they’ve not been aggressive towards me and it seems that the only thing they care about now is getting to Denerim, so it seems unlikely that they will rob me and leave me here in the snow.

They are all sleeping now, they must have been really exhausted and I am afraid that, hadn’t I found them, the snow would have killed them all. Even the tall Avvarian warrior, who is used to cold weather.
They don’t look just dangerous, they are also… interesting: a dwarven warrior (from the surface, based on the accent), a fereldan man with a very nice bow and a rather impressive beard, the Avvar, and a lady mage – the only woman of the group. She looks like a Circle mage, but, quite honestly, considering the circumstances, I wouldn’t care much either way right now.

I think that travelling together will be a good decision. They seem to be capable of hunting and of protecting the camp, so hopefully it will be easier and safer for us to reach Denerim, unless the weather becomes even worse – if that is possible.

I would kill to sleep in a warm bed right now.



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