Dragon Age Chronicles | The life of five adventurers in Thedas

From Morvan’s diary

Day 16

I can’t say the past few days have been boring, since all sort of weird and dangerous things happened after my last entry in this diary.

Two days ago, we were camping after a long day in the snow, when suddenly a hooded figure approached. Jan was cooking, the mage was complaining about something and the Sigmund was tending our campsite, so it was just me and Tharn who noticed it.
Tharn hid himself in the snow, bow at the ready (I guess) and started making signals that everybody responded to without really understanding, while Cara and I approached.
The man didn’t look aggressive – all his weapons were sheathed, but I questioned him, since he came out of nowhere. He said he was looking for Jan and Tharn. There. In the middle of nowhere, half buried in the snow, we meet someone who knows the group I am travelling with and is looking for them. What are the chances?
And it got even stranger once I realized he was a Qunari. He said he has no name, but he can be called “the grey one”.

Anyway, I lead him to our camp and he said he has been paid by two ladies to bring Jan and Tharn back to Denerim. The guys believed him immediately, since he mentioned the names of the two ladies, as well as some past events at Cumberland that I don’t know anything about, but that involved the group.
Turns out Jan has an official, rich fiancée in Denerim.

We had a pleasant dinner, in spite of Jan’s cooking and went to sleep, only to be awakened by a huge pack of hungry wolves.
It was terrifying! We didn’t have our armors on and the wolves, being desperate for food, were extremely aggressive!
Luckily, someone had the good idea to look for the pack leaders, and the wolves fled as soon as they realized we were way too much risk and effort for a prey.

The next morning, the Qunari (he refers to himself to Tal-Vashoth, though, but I have no idea what that means) did some scouting and said he could see a humanoid figure in the distance.
I thought his eyes have been tricked by the light reflecting on the snow, as there was no way he could see a man that far away… Boy, was I wrong!
We did set foot towards the figure, since it was right on the way for Denerim, and we did meet “him” in the end… and there is no way that my friends will believe this!
There is no way I am going to write what it… whay “he” was, you’ll think I am crazy. I am still not sure if I was dreaming or if he was really there! Maybe we were all just hallucinating, but I swear “he” did look real.
We all hid in the snow, except for the mage and the Avvar, who stood there, tried a peaceful approach and actually succeeded.

The conversation was bizarre: “he” asked us if we have seen the Arch Demon, then mentioned something about an architect (?), then… wait for it… asked the mage to say hi to her mother and then headed South.
I swear I am not making this up!

Anyway, I am going to sleep now, we are camping again and I think I had enough strange things happening to last me a lifetime.



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