Dragon Age Chronicles | The life of five adventurers in Thedas

Escape from the Korkari Wilds

Players need to escape from the Korkari Wilds

After managing to escape from the Dark Spawn camp, Ser Tharn Padfoot, Sigmund Faccia di Pietra, Namary the Enchantress and Ian Orborg have made their way into the Korkari Wilds, doing their best to cover their traces while also moving as fast as possible towards the old cottage where they had left their horses.


During the escape, they defeated a snake-like creature hidden in the swamps and ignored several ruined buildings: no time to explore!

They reached a point where the road was blocked by a Dark Spawn camp and faced a choice: go around the camp, losing some days, but using a known path; or venturing inside a cave that could potentially lead to the other side of the swamp, near their destination.

The group chose to explore the cave, but only for half a day, then to go back in case the cave is closed or it takes too long to reach the other side.


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