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paladin.png The party Click here to meet the characters and find out more about a circle mage, a ranger, an avvarian warrior and a dwarf, and why they are travelling together… Or you can just click on the images found in the right side menu.

flavie.png Friends Read about all the friendly characters that the group has met so far: allies, friends, relatives and love interests are all here, at least until the group gives them reasons to become unfriendly.

dragon.png Foes All enemies that the group made during their adventures and that aren’t dead yet. Not many, compared to the trail of corpses that the four adventurers left behind.

treasure_open.png Items The group’s treasure chest. All important items like quest items, family heirlooms and other relevant objects are listed here… or you can also click on the “Items” link in the left sidebar.

phoenix.png Pets Pets and animal companions are listed here.


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Dragon Age Chronicles | The life of five adventurers in Thedas

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