Dragon Age Chronicles | The life of five adventurers in Thedas


The characters have been captured by the Dark Spawn

The explosion of magic caused by the breach in the Veil has left the characters unconscious.
When they wake up, they quickly realise that they have been deprived of all their possessions and tied all together, beaten and tired, into a tent.
A quick look at the two shadows outside the tents confirms that they have been captured by the Dark Spawn!

But why are they still alive?


Using all their stealth, the characters manage to capture the two guards and take a look outside: all their items are placed together in a big pile on a cart, together with other spoils of war. The three eggs lie in another cart, well guarded by the Dark Spawn.

The characters decide to send the rogue, Ser Tharn Padfoot , to the cart with their equipment, to salvage as much of their possessions as he can, then to cause a diversion – a fire in the kennels – take the eggs and flee.

Unfortunately, a group of the Dark Spawn sees them while they flee and start a chase, which ends well for the characters, though they need to be careful now as the Dark Spawn is on alert and they want the precious eggs back.


Melyanna Melyanna

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